About Us

The Reading Club

The Reading Club is a collection of curated stories from around the web.

These are mostly erotic fantasies,that play little or no part in our real lives, but just give us a moment of escape and excitement while reading.

Some of the stories will venture into realms that might be distasteful to some, but these are in no way intended to encourage the playing out of these fantasies.

There is nothing illegal about reading stories, but if you want pictures to go with them, then I am afraid you will not find any here. Pictures might mean that someones privacy has been breached, or someones innocence has been stolen, and that surely is never right.

So, if you want to lose yourself in some innocent reading fun with our growing collection of stories, then please come in and see what’s in store.

Who Can Read These Stories

These stories are intended for grown-ups. This is why we need to have a little gateway to make it a little more hassle for just anyone to walk in.

For sure, you can read the story intros, the story outlines, and a bit about the action within each story, but we won’t publish erotic fiction in clear site, that’s not fair either.

So How Do You Join?

This has been given a lot of thought.

We didn’t want to use PayPal or credit cards, as while that did prove that someone is likely to be over 18, it leaves a trail, and we don’t want that.

We don’t need to know who you are, and we certainly don’t need hackers or sneaks finding out either.

So we have devised a way that gives total anonymity.

Our Secure Way To Access The Stories In Full

  • Each month, we will publish an ebook on Amazon
  • This book will be priced ridiculously low (depending on how long you want to join for)
  • You will follow our link, buy the book, then submit your Amazon notification showing that purchase
  • Of course, you don’t need to show us your name
  • Seems fair enough for unhindered access to all the stories eh?

Just go to the Join Now page, choose your membership length and then follow the instructions on that page.
We look forward to having you on -board.